Cost Of Stomach Liposuction In Dubai

Liposuction of the stomach, also known as abdominal liposuction, is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure to remove excess fat deposits and achieve a toned, flat stomach.

As one of the most sought-after treatments in body contouring, many wonder – what is the cost of liposuction stomach in Dubai?

Cost Determining Factors

Several factors impact the overall cost of liposuction stomach in Dubai:

1. Surgeon’s Fee

This accounts for the plastic surgeon’s time, expertise and effort. More experienced surgeons often charge higher fees.

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Surgeon’s Experience Cost Range (AED)
Junior Surgeon 15,000 – 18,000
Mid-Level Surgeon 18,000 – 22,000
Senior/Board-Certified Surgeon 22,000 – 30,000

2. Clinic Facility Fee

This covers the cost of operating room/clinic facilities and equipment utilised.

Facility Level Cost Range (AED)
Standard Clinic 5,000 – 8,000
Accredited/Specialized Clinic 8,000 – 12,000
Luxury Clinic 12,000 – 15,000

3. Anaesthesia Fees

Anaesthesia fees are for the medications and anesthesiologist or nurse anaesthetist’s services during the procedure.

Anaesthesia Type Cost Range (AED)
Local Anaesthesia 2,000 – 3,000
General Anesthesia 4,000 – 6,000

4. Aftercare Costs

Any follow-up visits, garments, and medication may add to the total cost.

Item Cost Range (AED)
Follow-up visits (2-3) 500 – 1,000 per visit
Compression garments 500 – 1,000
Pain medication Varies depending on medication and usage

Cost Based On Extent Of Treatment Area

The extent of the treatment area or the number of body areas requiring liposuction impacts surgical fees. Typical price ranges are:

  • Small area (e.g. upper abdomen): 8,000 – 15,000 AED
  • Medium area (e.g. upper and lower abdomen): 15,000 – 23,000 AED
  • Large area (e.g. full abdomen and sides): 23,000 – 35,000 AED

Additional areas like flanks, back, arms, etc can be included for 5,000 – 10,000 AED per area.

Trend of Cost in Dubai

If you’re getting this done in Dubai, the average stomach liposuction costs include

  • Minimum: 8,000 AED
  • Maximum: 45,000 AED
  • Average: 18,000 – 28,000 AED

As Dubai’s healthcare infrastructure expands to match international standards, more options for high-quality, affordable liposuction are emerging to meet the demand for cosmetic surgery.

Payment Plans

Many clinics offer financing and payment plans to those who qualify, improving the accessibility and affordability of the procedure for patients. Common options include:

  • Credit card EMI financing
  • Bank loan EMI plans
  • In-house payment instalment packages

Key Factors That Affect Stomach Liposuction Prices

Prices can go higher or lower than the above ranges based on these aspects:

Patient Factors

  • Number of areas requiring treatment
  • Skin laxity degree

Technique Factors

  • Standard vs laser or ultrasound-assisted lipo technique
  • Inpatient vs outpatient surgery

Provider Factors

  • Surgeon’s expertise and specialisation
  • The clinic’s reputation and amenities

Geographic Factors

  • Location within Dubai (clinic rents influence fee)
  • Freezone vs non-free zone clinic

All-Inclusive Package Pricing

Many Dubai clinics offer all-inclusive liposuction packages with everything – surgical fees, anaesthesia, operating room charges, and post-procedure follow-ups – bundled into one price.

This pricing model gives a comprehensive idea of the total procedure expenditure without any hidden surprises or a la carte costs added later.

When comparing quotes from different providers, check if their quotes reflect total all-inclusive pricing or if additional costs will apply.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Although stomach liposuction requires an upfront payment, choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon for your procedure translates into:

  • Better fat removal results – Smoother abdominal contour requires fewer or no revision surgeries
  • Lower risk of complications – Less chance of side effects, lowering follow-up expenditures
  • Increased confidence and joy – With a slimmer midriff, your savings on weight loss efforts can balance the lipo costs over the long term.

So, ensure you invest in a top surgeon and clinic in Dubai, even if it costs you more initially. In the long run, it saves money, protects your health, and delivers the stunning makeover results you want.

Comparing Surgeons: Important Deciding Factors Beyond Pricing

While cost does play a role in decision-making, you must go beyond pricing when choosing your abdomen liposuction surgeon in Dubai.

Technical Skill & Experience:

Their expertise includes the latest body contouring techniques and years of performing liposuction procedures specifically.

Customised Approach:

A detailed examination, tailoring a plan unique to your anatomy and goals.

Artistic Eye

The ability to envision and then meticulously sculpt beautiful, natural-looking treatment results.

Safety Record:

Credible surgeons have robust safety protocols, giving low complication rates.


Comfort level and trust are vital – go where you feel heard, and your priorities matter.

When vetting surgeons, have in-depth consultations before deciding on the best match for you.

After Liposuction: Ensuring Your Results Match Your Investment

Abdominal liposuction is a sculpting process – once excess fat cells are removed, they do not grow back. However, staying committed to healthy lifestyle habits is key to retaining your smooth, slimmed contours long-term after surgery.

  • Diet : Follow a balanced nutritional plan focused on lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats
  • Exercise: Core and cardio workouts help prevent fat from accumulating on your flanks and back
  • Stress management : Get anxiety and stress under control as high cortisol triggers fat storage around the stomach area

By caring for your physical and emotional health, your surgical investment will pay off for years via a svelte, trim stomach!


We hope this guide gives you a good overview of the average cost of liposuction stomachs in Dubai. Evaluate the aspects covered above so you can plan and set your budget accordingly. Do invest time to consult experienced surgeons before deciding where to get your stomach liposuction in Dubai done safely with optimal, beautiful outcomes.

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FAQs on the cost of liposuction stomach

If the procedure is done to treat a medical issue like lipoma removal or abdominal fat due to Cushing’s Disease, insurance may pay for a portion of the expenditure if documents show medical necessity. Otherwise, cosmetic abdominal liposuction is not covered by insurance providers in Dubai.

Yes, many clinics offer easy EMI financing plans through partnerships, so you can pay for your stomach lipo procedure in 12, 24, or 36 instalments. Alternatively, banks and financial companies offer personal loans, and credit cards allow paying for cosmetic surgeries through EMI options.

Laser liposuction tends to deliver better, longer-lasting fat removal from the abdomen by expertly targeting deeper and surface fat deposits. Coolsculpting works only on shallow surface fat. For significant stomach sculpting, most surgeons recommend laser liposuction.

Yes absolutely. Reputable Dubai clinics and surgeons offer initial consultations free of charge so potential patients can discuss their needs and get accurate quotes before booking procedures. These in-depth discussions carry no obligations for signing up for treatment.

In the hands of an expert surgeon, the average patient loses up to 5 inches off their waistline after lipo of the stomach. The abdomen appears flatter with better definition, the skin looks smoother, and the overall figure looks trimmer. As long as you maintain a stable body weight, the improvements are lasting.