Dubai’s rapidly growing city offers cutting-edge medical facilities, making it a go-to destination for various surgical procedures, including scar revision. The city boasts highly skilled medical professionals ensuring you receive top-notch care throughout your surgical journey.

What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision refers to procedures designed to minimise the appearance of scars, aligning them more with your skin tone and texture. This process can aid in boosting self-confidence and enhancing the quality of life for individuals with prominent scars.

  • Minimise scar appearance
  • Improve skin tone consistency
  • Enhance self-esteem

Types of Scar Revision

There are several types of scar revision, which depend mainly on the nature of the scar and the desired result. Each method has advantages; a consultation with a medical professional will determine the most suitable approach.

  • Surgical revision
  • Laser scar revision
  • Dermabrasion
  • Tissue expansion
  • Skin grafts

Advantages of Scar Revision

Scar revision offers many advantages, from improving aesthetic appeal to restoring normal function to an area that may have been affected by scarring.

  • Enhanced appearance
  • Restored functionality
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved skin texture

The Procedure

The scar revision procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, is performed with precision and care. It involves either minimising or repositioning the scar to make it less noticeable.

  • Evaluation of the scar
  • Selection of appropriate revision technique
  • Application of the technique
  • Post-procedure care instructions


Before scar revision, a comprehensive consultation is conducted to evaluate the scar and discuss the patient’s expectations. This phase includes a complete medical history review and physical examination.

  • Consultation
  • Scar evaluation
  • Medical history review
  • Physical examination


The procedure varies depending on the type of scar revision being performed. In general, local or general anaesthesia is administered to ensure patient comfort.

  • Anaesthesia administration
  • Procedure execution
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Patient comfort prioritisation


A recovery period follows the procedure, during which postoperative care is provided, and follow-up appointments are scheduled.

  • Wound care
  • Pain management
  • Scheduled follow-ups
  • Healing progress monitoring

Scar Revision Surgery Recovery

Recovery time varies based on the type of procedure performed and individual healing rates. Specific postoperative care instructions are provided to aid recovery.

  • Follow postoperative care instructions.
  • Rest and recuperation
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Regular follow-up appointments

Preoperative Care For Scar Revision

Preoperative care for scar revision surgery involves preparing the patient physically and mentally.

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Health optimisation
  • Medication review
  • Lifestyle modifications

Postoperative Care For Scar Revision

Postoperative care plays a crucial role in the success of scar revision. It includes wound care, pain management, and attending follow-up appointments.

  • Wound care management
  • Pain control
  • Healing progress monitoring
  • Scheduled follow-up visits

Suitable Candidates For Scar Revision

Those with visible scars that affect their self-esteem or daily functioning may be suitable candidates for scar revision. Medical professionals evaluate several factors before deeming a patient suitable for this procedure.

  • Visible, noticeable scars
  • Good overall health
  • Non-smokers
  • Realistic expectations
Suitable Candidates For Scar Revision

Unsuitable Candidates For Scar Revision

Specific individuals may not be suitable for scar revision, including those with active acne, unrealistic expectations, or poor general health.

  • Active skin conditions
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Poor general health
  • Smokers

Is Scar Revision Right For You?

Determining if scar revision is suitable for you involves considering various factors, from the visibility and location of your scar to your general health and expectations.

  • Scar visibility and location
  • Health status
  • Expectation alignment
  • Motivation for the procedure

Why Scar Revision Might Not Be For You

Scar revision might not be for you if you have certain health conditions, unrealistic expectations, or if your scar is not significantly affecting your quality of life.

  • Minor scar
  • Health issues
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Low impact on quality of life

What is the Right Age for Scar Revision?

There is no definitive “right” age for scar revision. Patients’ overall health, the nature of the scar, and whether or not the procedure could benefit them heavily determine whether it’s worth it.

  • Scar nature
  • Patient health
  • Potential benefit
  • Surgeon’s discretion

How to Prepare for Scar Revision in Dubai

Proper preparation is essential for a successful scar revision procedure. It includes a consultation, a review of your medical history, physical examinations, and a discussion about your expectations.

What to Expect After Scar Revision Surgery in Dubai

After scar revision surgery, you can expect a period of recovery during which the treated area will heal. For a successful procedure, regular follow-ups are essential.

  • Healing and recovery
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Potential for improved appearance
  • Gradual scar fading

How is Scar Revision Performed?

The scar revision procedure involves minimising or repositioning the scar using various techniques. The specific method is chosen based on the nature and location of the scar.

  • Evaluation and planning
  • Scar minimisation or repositioning
  • Use of the appropriate technique
  • Post-procedure care

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The length of the scar revision procedure varies depending on the complexity of the scar and the technique used for revision.

  • Scar complexity
  • Selected technique
  • Patient’s response
  • Surgeon’s experience

Choosing the Best Scar Revision Surgeon in Dubai

Choosing a surgeon for your scar revision in Dubai involves considering factors such as the surgeon’s experience, qualifications, previous results, and patient testimonials.

  • Surgeon’s experience
  • Qualifications
  • Previous results
  • Patient reviews

Why Choose Us For Scar Revision Surgery in Dubai

Dr Shehzadi Tasneem Sultan is a leading name in the field of scar revision surgery in Dubai. As a distinguished plastic surgeon with extensive experience and impressive academic background, she offers services catering to aesthetic and medical needs.

Unique, Patient-Centric Approach

Dr Sultan offers a patient-centric approach to scar revision surgery, focusing on your unique needs and expectations. You will receive bespoke care plans tailored to your specific needs, ensuring highly effective and efficient treatment.

Extensive Experience and Specialised Knowledge

Dr Sultan’s remarkable professional journey spans prestigious institutions around the world. She has honed her skills under the guidance of renowned mentors in Pakistan and the UK and has worked in esteemed institutions like Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and Rashid Hospital in Dubai. Her diverse experience makes her highly suitable for your scar revision surgery.

Advanced Techniques

With a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, Dr Sultan ensures she is up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements in scar revision surgery. It allows her to offer the best treatment methods, ensuring the finest standard of care for her patients.

Natural Results

Dr Sultan is dedicated to achieving natural, subtle results with her scar revision surgeries. Her exceptional attention to detail and artistic approach ensures that your scars are minimised effectively, enhancing your natural beauty while ensuring patient safety.

Free Consultation

Choosing to undergo scar revision surgery is a significant decision, and Dr Sultan understands the importance of making an informed choice. She will tailor a free consultation to your specific questions and concerns so you may understand more about the treatment and make an educated choice.

To begin your journey to renewed confidence and enhanced natural beauty, book your free consultation with Dr Shehzadi Tasneem Sultan today. Experience the difference between personalised care from a globally recognised expert in scar revision surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scar revision is a procedure that modifies the appearance of scars to improve cosmetic aesthetics or restore function.

Generally, scar revision is a safe procedure with risks minimised by following pre-and post-operative care instructions.

While scar revision aims to minimise scar visibility, a faint mark may remain post-treatment.

Any discomfort post-surgery is usually well-managed with prescribed pain medication.

Results can be seen once initial swelling subsides, typically several weeks post-procedure.

While results can be long-lasting, scar appearance can change over time due to natural skin ageing.

The goal is to minimise scarring. However, some degree of scar may remain.

Many patients find the improved appearance and confidence boost well worth it.

Scars can be treated almost anywhere on the body, depending on the type and location.

It depends on the procedure’s complexity and whether local or general anaesthesia is used.

Dubai boasts numerous accredited clinics and hospitals offering scar revision surgery.