Scar Revision On Face

When it comes to enhancing facial aesthetics, scar revision face procedures play a pivotal role. This guide provides an overview of the nuances of facial scar revision, exploring various techniques and treatments designed to minimise and improve the appearance of scars. Understanding the process, outcomes, and considerations for scar revision on the face is essential for anyone looking to address these skin imperfections and regain confidence in their appearance.

What Causes Facial Scars?

There are several potential causes of scars on the face:

  • Accidents and injuries like falls, burns, and dog bites
  • Acne and other skin conditions
  • Surgeries like mole removal or Laceration repair

Facial scars vary widely in size, shape, and severity based on wound depth and healing capacity. Addressing scars early through scar revision procedures leads to better outcomes.

Benefits of Scar Revision

Some benefits of undergoing scar revision on the face include:

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  • 15+ Years of Experience 
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  • Improved appearance and self-confidence
  • Blending of scar colour to match the surrounding skin
  • Smoothening of texture to reduce raised or pitted scars
  • Minimising tightness from contracted scars
  • Removal of scar tissue buildup

a scar revision face can provide significant aesthetic and psychological improvements.

Scar Revision Techniques

There are various minimally invasive techniques to improve different types of scars:

Laser Resurfacing

  • Ablative lasers (CO2 or Erbium) remove the outer layers of the skin to promote new collagen growth.
  • Non-ablative lasers target deeper skin layers while leaving the surface intact.
  • Used for acne scars or surface skin discoloration


  • Controlled surgical “sanding” of the skin with a rotating brush
  • Blends scar edges into surrounding skin area
  • Effective for small or shallow scars from injuries or acne

Chemical Peels

  • Application of potent acids like glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid
  • Removes damaged outer skin layers so healthier skin can replace it
  • Improves pigmentation and texture issues

Steroid Injections

  • Injection of corticosteroid medication directly into the scar
  • Reduces collagen overgrowth and natural inflammation
  • Softens and flattens thick, rope-like scars

Filler Injections

  • Injection of hyaluronic acid fillers into sunken or pitted scars
  • Plumps up depressed scars to match the surrounding skin level
  • Temporary improvement lasting 6-12 months


  • Use of tiny needle pricks to stimulate new collagen growth
  • Effective for rolling or textured acne scars
  • It causes only minimal pain and downtime.

The plastic surgeon will determine the best course of treatment depending on each patient’s scar type, extent, location, and thickness. Combining approaches is common for optimal improvements.

What To Expect During Facial Scar Revision Recovery?

  • Most non-invasive techniques have only 3-7 days of initial recovery
  • More aggressive techniques cause 7-14 days of initial healing
  • Swelling, redness, and sensitivity to the sun are common initially
  • Camouflage makeup can mask residual redness or changes in pigmentation
  • Use sun protection diligently to avoid permanent dark or light spots

Following all post-procedure care instructions carefully is vital for proper long-term outcomes.

Facial Scar Revision Costs In Dubai

Like most cosmetic treatments, scar revision costs vary based on factors like:

  • Extent of scarring
  • Type of procedure
  • Doctor’s charges
  • Number of sessions needed

Some average costs for common scar treatments in Dubai are:

Procedure Average Cost
Fractional Laser AED 3,000-8,000
Dermabrasion AED 4,000-7,000
Microneedling AED 1,200-1,800 per session
Chemical Peels AED 800-1,500 per session
Steroid Injections AED 500-800 per session
Filler Injections AED 800-2,000 per syringe

Many clinics offer bundled pricing for a course of treatments. Check for any available promotions, too.

Combination Treatments For Optimal Results

While individual scar revision techniques have merits, combining modalities often provides the most dramatic improvements for problematic facial scarring.

For instance, a series of microneedling and laser sessions may first be performed for a deep facial laceration scar to improve skin texture and reduce pigmentation changes. Follow-up treatments of corticosteroid injections can then flatten and soften any residual raised, rope-like segments along the scar line. Finally, filler injections can address any remaining sunken or pitted areas at the scar margins.

Some other effective combination approaches include:

  • Laser resurfacing + dermabrasion
  • Chemical peels + microneedling
  • Microdermabrasion + filler injections
  • Laser therapy + steroid injections

By thoughtfully combining invasive and non-invasive methodologies, even the most challenging facial scars can be remarkably smoothed and faded to restore an aesthetically pleasing and youthful appearance. Trust an expert plastic surgeon’s artistic eye to devise the right multi-pronged game plan for your particular scar concerns.

How To Choose A Scar Revision Clinic Or Doctor in Dubai?

To get satisfactory results from scar revision treatments on the face, choosing an experienced provider is key.

Factors to consider when selecting a provider include:

  • Extensive skill and experience performing the required technique
  • Strong eye for aesthetics for optimal cosmetic outcomes
  • An artistic approach to facial rejuvenation procedures
  • Compassionate bedside manner and good communication skills
  • Use of the latest technology and techniques
  • Robust before/after gallery to assess capability
  • Competitive and transparent pricing

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Individuals can achieve significant aesthetic improvements with advancements in techniques and an understanding of the healing process. It’s important to consult with skilled professionals to determine the best course of action for your specific scar concerns, ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome in facial scar revision.

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FAQs About Facial Scar Treatments

Most non-invasive techniques offer gradual improvements only. Maintenance sessions are often needed every 6 to 12 months for sustained outcomes. Only surgical scar excisions like W-plasties or Z-plasties permanently remove the scar.

It is best to avoid makeup for one week post-treatment to allow proper healing. Use only mineral makeup cautiously for 2 weeks. Follow your clinician’s advice.

Lasers work well for pigmentation, while dermabrasion evens out textures. Your surgeon will advise the best approach or combination treatment tailored to your scar type and extent.

Seeking scar revision procedures like laser, dermabrasion, or microneedling while the scar is still new and pink offers the best outcomes. Early intervention prevents issues like oedema, fibrosis, and contraction.

Most patients see a 40 to 80% improvement in scar appearance after a series of non-invasive treatments. Complete scar removal requires plastic surgery revision procedures. Set realistic expectations after discussing options with your doctor.