skin tag on face near eye

Skin tags are small, soft growths that can appear anywhere on the body but are commonly found on the neck, armpits, groyne, and eyelids. When it comes to skin tags on the face or near the eye, understanding their causes and treatment options is crucial. While generally harmless, this condition can be a cosmetic concern for many. This topic delves into the reasons behind the formation of skin tags near the eye and discusses various removal methods and treatments available.

What Causes Skin Tags Around The Eyes

Skin tags have several potential causes:


Areas where skin rubs together, like skin folds, are common for tags to pop up. The constant friction likely contributes to skin tag growth around the eyes.


Hormonal imbalances related to pregnancy, menopause, or thyroid disorders may trigger skin tag development. Fluctuating oestrogen is believed to affect collagen production in the skin.

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Some people are genetically prone to getting skin tags. If your family members have them, you’re more likely to do as well.


Being overweight or obese raises the risk of skin tags since excess weight can cause skin friction. Drooping eyelid skin may rub together. Losing weight may help prevent more.


Skin tags tend to appear more as people age. Older adults lose collagen and elastin over time, making skin looser and more likely to form tags.

Signs Of Skin Tag On Eyelid Or Near Eyes

Typical signs of a skin tag by the eye include:

  • A small, soft bump on the eyelid or nearby
  • Pedunculated growth with a narrow stalk-like base
  • Smooth or slightly irregular surface texture
  • Similar colour to surrounding skin, often lighter
  • Little to no discomfort – unless irritated by glasses, makeup, etc
  • Slow growing over weeks or months
  • May “flop” back and forth
  • Single or in groups – often from chronic friction

Dangers And Risks Of Skin Tags Around Eyes

Although skin tags are benign, leaving them untreated can pose problems in some cases:


Skin tags can get red, swollen and tender if infected, especially from rubbing on glasses. Infected tags need antibiotic treatment.

Vision Issues

Tags directly on the eyelid or near the eye may partially block vision or get irritated by contact lenses and eye makeup.


Larger skin tags with wide bases have more blood vessels and may bleed easily if scratched or damaged.

Psychological Effects

Skin changes on delicate eye skin can significantly bother some people for cosmetic reasons, impairing self-confidence.

When To See A Doctor

Consult a dermatologist or oculoplastic surgeon if you have:

  • A new rapid-growing facial skin tag
  • Severe irritation, bleeding, or infection
  • Vision impairment due to tag position
  • Facial tags causing significant distress
  • Multiple tags near eyes want removal

Professional evaluation is wise to determine the best treatment options.

How to Remove Skin Tag On Face Near Eyes

Various methods can remove annoying eyelid and facial skin tags, each illustrating the diverse Skin Tag Removal Methods available.

Removal Method Procedure Healing Time Cost (AED)
Cryotherapy Freezing with liquid nitrogen 1-2 weeks 150-300
Cauterisation Burning off with hot tip 1 week 300-600
Excision Cutting out entirely Up to 2 weeks 600-1,200
Ligation Tying off stalk Over 4 weeks 100-250

When choosing removal methods for delicate eye skin, non-invasive options like cryotherapy help minimise scarring risk.

Aftercare Tips Following Skin Tag Treatment Near Eyes

Proper aftercare can promote healing after skin tag treatment:

  • Keep the treated area clean and dry using warm water and fragrance-free soap
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling discomfort for 24 hours
  • Apply antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin daily
  • Take over-the-counter pain meds as needed
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup until healed
  • Use glasses/sunglasses instead of contacts until the doctor’s approval
  • Wear loose clothes that won’t rub on the area
  • Follow up with your dermatologist as directed

Careful aftercare reduces the chances of complications like infections, which could cause vision issues in severe cases.

Are Skin Tags Near Eyes Preventable?

While skin tags are very common, and anyone can get them, the following tips may help reduce your risks: Healing Time is the amount of time it takes for your body to recover from an injury or illness. It’s important to give your body enough

  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Control blood sugar if diabetic
  • Wear properly fitted glasses to limit friction
  • Use preservative-free eye makeup
  • Treat hormone disorders like thyroid imbalance
  • Improve diet with more fresh fruits/vegetables
  • Keep skin well moisturised
  • Get prenatal care during pregnancy

In summary

Addressing a skin tag on the face near the eye involves considering both its causes and the most effective removal techniques. It’s important to choose a safe and appropriate treatment method, especially given the sensitive nature of the area involved. Consulting a healthcare professional is essential for tailored advice and successful treatment.

Using gentle options like cryotherapy with careful aftercare can effectively remove skin tags from the delicate eye area. Make sure to schedule follow-ups to monitor for any new growth. Catching them early optimises treatment success.

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No, skin tags are benign growths that do not become cancer. But they may still cause problems needing treatment.

Styes are red, painful bumps caused by infected eyelash follicles or oil glands. Skin tags aren’t painful unless irritated.

Either can treat eyelid skin tags, but an oculoplastic surgeon specialises specifically in eye-area skin conditions.

New skin tags may eventually form after removal if underlying causes like skin friction, hormones, or genetics aren’t addressed.

Expect to pay roughly AED 150 – 1200 to get eyelid skin tags removed professionally, depending on the method used.