Keloid Scar Removal Surgery Cost in Dubai

Keloid scars, known for their raised and often prominent appearance, can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness for many. This surgery has become increasingly popular in Dubai, a medical excellence hub.

Read on to make an informed decision; this comprehensive guide is essential for anyone seeking information on how much keloid scar removal costs in Dubai and the available treatment options.

How much does keloid scar removal cost in Dubai?

The cost of keloid removal surgery in Dubai can vary widely depending on the size of the keloid, treatment method, and number of sessions required.

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Installment Plan Available

Treatment Method Cost Range # of Sessions
Surgical Excision AED 599-799 1
Cryotherapy AED 599-1,999 2-3
Laser Therapy AED 499-2,999 3-5

This table shows the typical price ranges and sessions required for the main keloid scar removal techniques available in Dubai. Surgical excision is the least expensive per session, while laser therapy costs more but has a lower risk of recurrence.

What is the Average Cost of Keloid Removal Procedures in Dubai?

On average, most keloid removal procedures in Dubai range from AED 599 to AED 1,999 per treatment.

  • Surgical excision averages AED 599-799 per session
  • cryotherapy keloid removal averages AED 599-1,999 per session
  • Laser resurfacing averages AED 499-2,999 Overall
  • Size and depth determine the number of sessions
  • Additional scar therapies increase costs
  • Doctor expertise and clinic costs factor in
  • Get an accurate quote during the consultation

What Factors Impact the Total Cost of Keloid Scar Removal Surgery in Dubai?

What Factors Impact the Total Cost of Keloid Scar Removal Surgery in Dubai | 2024

The total cost of keloid scar removal in Dubai depends on the location, size, depth, doctor and clinic.

  • Number of treatment areas required
  • Intricacy and complexity of the case
  • Technique chosen by the practitioner
  • Doctor qualifications and experience
  • Reputation and location of the facility
  • Need for combination therapies
  • Number of sessions recommended
  • Addition of scar prevention drugs

Which Keloid Scar Removal Treatment is the Most Affordable in Dubai?

Of the available keloid treatments in Dubai, cryotherapy is typically the most affordable option.

Treatment Single Session Cost Total Cost Range
Cryotherapy AED 599-1,999 AED 1,197-5,997
Surgical Excision AED 599-799 AED 599-2,397
Laser Therapy AED 499-2,999 AED 1,497-14,995

This table compares the average session pricing and the total cost ranges for the leading keloid removal techniques. It shows cryotherapy is generally the most affordable option overall.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Keloid Scar Removal Costs in Dubai?

Most standard medical insurance plans in Dubai do not cover cosmetic keloid removal procedures.

  • Check plan details for scar treatment coverage
  • Elective procedures are often not covered
  • Out-of-pocket payment is usually required
  • Public hospitals are an option for insured
  • Discuss insurance details during the consultation
  • Payment plans or financing may be available
  • Shop policies that cover skin conditions

How Much is the Initial Consultation for Keloid Removal in Dubai?

How Much is the Initial Consultation for Keloid Removal in Dubai

Expect to pay AED 299 – AED 399 for most initial keloid removal consultations in Dubai.

  • Assesses treatment plan and options
  • Provides accurate quotes for procedures
  • Checks for any underlying conditions
  • Confirms total sessions expected
  • Doctor evaluation of medical history
  • Photos taken of keloid scarring
  • Prescription provided for treatment

What is the cost difference between laser therapy and surgical Extraction?

Laser therapy generally costs more than surgical excision for keloid removal in Dubai.

  • Laser treatment typically AED 499-2,999
  • Requires 3-5 sessions, usually
  • Surgical excision AED 599-799 per session
  • One session may remove scars
  • Lasers have less risk of recurrence
  • Surgery, new scars can form
  • Both require additional therapies

How Do I Find the Most Reasonably Priced Keloid Clinic in Dubai?

Dubai’s most affordable keloid clinics offer multiple treatment options and payment plans.

  • Search for clinics with different pricing tiers
  • Ask about payment instalment options
  • Look for any ongoing promotions or sales
  • Consider Groupon deals for cosmetic procedures
  • Public and university hospitals can be cheaper
  • Compare total costs, not per-session fees
  • Confirm the doctor’s expertise and results

Will I Require Multiple Sessions, and How Will That Impact Overall Cost?

Most keloid treatments require 2-5 sessions, which can increase the total cost significantly. Overview of Cryotherapy for Scar Eradication is about using cold treatment to remove scars. It’s like using ice to make scars disappear! Preventing Keloid Formation: Fast Skin Advice is about stopping bumpy, raised scars from forming on your skin. It gives quick and easy tips to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Erasing Mature Keloid Scars means getting rid of old, raised scars that have grown larger than the original wound. It’s like making big, bumpy skin marks disappear. Facial keloid treatment helps to reduce or remove thick, raised scars on the face using methods like creams, injections, or surgery.

  • Additional sessions mean added costs
  • Space sessions apart for effectiveness
  • Ask about the price difference for more visits
  • Weigh cost vs convenience and results
  • Develop a treatment plan with the doctor
  • Combination approaches affect session total
  • Haggle prices for more appointments

What Additional Costs Might I Need to Account for With Keloid Surgery?

Extra costs beyond the surgery fee may include medications, follow-ups, skin products or secondary procedures.

  • Scar prevention drugs add expense
  • Any post-op infections treated
  • Follow-up appointments to monitor
  • Laser therapy after excision
  • Skin bleaching products, if needed
  • Lymphatic drainage massage is suggested


The cost of keloid scar removal surgery in Dubai varies based on several factors. It’s crucial for those seeking information on ‘keloid removal cost near me’ to consider the surgeon’s expertise, the procedure’s complexity, and any additional treatments required.

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Typical keloid removal in Dubai ranges from AED 499-2,999 depending on size, technique, and number of treatments needed.

Cryotherapy is usually the most affordable keloid removal option in Dubai, with an average cost of AED 599-1,999.

Most standard health insurance plans in Dubai do not cover cosmetic keloid scar removal procedures.

If insurance doesn’t cover the costs, you can discuss other options like payment plans, financing, or discounted options with the clinic.

Larger sizes, deeper scars, more treatments required, combination therapies, and specialist doctors raise the costs of keloid removal.

You may need medications, follow-up appointments, skin products, or secondary treatments, which add costs post-surgery.

Expect to pay AED 150-300 per follow-up visit to monitor results for 3-6 months after initial keloid removal.